Offer Data Transformers in your product

Pipebird enables your customers to transform data before they push it to their destination, helping them reduce cloud and data transfer costs by only moving the data they need.

What are Data Transformers?

Pipebird Data Transformers are powerful tools that allow you and your customers to write data transformations prior to pushing to a data warehouse.

Rather than a customer dumping all of their data into a warehouse and then asking engineers to transform it, they can export their data in preferred formats by applying transformations directly from your product. Learn more about Data Transformers here.

Benefits of offering Data Transformers

Help customers decrease data transfer and compute costs

Customers may only need certain data pushed from your product. Pipebird allows them to define some set of transformations to be applied on their data in transit.

No need to build custom data transformations for customers

What if your customer wants a Date column updated_at to be casted into a datetime object when it reaches the end data destination? They can configure that directly from your product.