Share data to Snowflake

Pipebird makes it easy for you to securely push data to your customer's Snowflake warehouse.

About Snowflake

Snowflake is a leading cloud data platform that provides a warehouse-as-a-service built specifically for the cloud.

The Snowflake platform is designed to empower many types of data workloads, and offers secure, immediate, governed access to a comprehensive network of data. Users can do data blending, analysis, and transformations against all types of data structures with SQL, Java, Scala, and Python.

Benefits of offering Snowflake pipelines

Help customers get fresh data in their warehouses

It's incredibly important for your customers to have fresh data at all times. Pipebird makes it easy to regularly refresh data so that your customers' are always are up-to-date.

Secure data sharing

Pipebird allows your customers to send data from your product directly to their Snowflake warehouses without the use of a third-party extract, transform, and load (ETL) pipeline.

No maintenance for customers (or you)

It only takes minutes for customers to set up a pipeline to Snowflake from your product. Once a pipeline is created, Pipebird handles ongoing maintenance so you and your customers' don't have to.